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Yes, the fine line between church and business is definitely messy. It is a line which everyone needs to walk through and yet nobody is sure about how to do it well. Is this a business or is this a church? Or is it both? Majority of the churches (if not all) run in a non-profit manner and this makes everything even more difficult. A bigger part of their costs are funded by congregational donations which gives them a feeling that is in no way similar to that of a business.

To be frank, it is a relational business where you don’t fight for dollars but you fight for winning hearts. Again at the same time, it is not possible to run a church without money. So, that’s the tension there. We often tend to nurture the notion that church and business are opposites; it’s either about business (money) or it’s about people (church).

Implementing the best business practices can help churches serve large numbers of people

  • People are always watching out for responsible leaders

It’s a fact that can’t be ignored that churches do have financial responsibilities and obligations. You either own the building or your rent it and you have to employ staff whose salaries you’re liable to pay. Churches which follow a shoe-string budget also have a number of things to pay. But at the same time people never want a church which always speaks about money. They just want to ensure that the money they give to is in safe hands and that the church will be there next month and next year. So, running a church in the form of a business, thinking of revenue, growth, opportunity and cost is a way in which you can remain true to your financial responsibilities.

  • Your ministries will be more tenable

Churches usually are said to have big hearts for the needy and they are also experts at starting off ministries with high hopes of changing the world. But though their hearts may be at the right place, their plans might not be too strong to sustain their noble visions. This is where you need business expertise. In case your expenses outweigh your profits at some point, the lifespan of your church may be a short one even though you may have great intentions.

  • You have to take care of people

Churches are run by common people and therefore it is important to take care of them. For some unknown reason, churches abide by the rule which says that since it is a ministry, you should not get paid much. If the team morale is pretty low and if people are not motivated enough, there will arise division and jealousy because people won’t feel compensated for their efforts.

So, we see that treating Churches more like a business always shouldn’t be considered as a Godless endeavor. Instead, being able to create a sustainable and healthy church environment might be the best way to serve God. You may follow the link and read more on automated church management software which alleviates most of your manual responsibilities.

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