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This article gives a few key points on how to keep an honest and fulfilling relationship. Relationships whether dating, married or engaged shouldn’t and don’t have to be “Hard Work”. Anyone can reap the massive benefits of being in love and enjoying the one your with. From my own experiences here are some tips to encourage and help the longevity of your commitment.


This is one of the most critical factors to a long-lasting, effective and respectful relationship. If either of you have any issues, address them sooner than later. Don’t hold in anything that may later build up and turn into complete chaos. Don’t be afraid to speak the truth under any circumstances. Unfortunately people are so passive aggressive and talk all around the issues at hand, that nothing really gets resolved. There are ways you can tell someone the truth without being condescending or mean. Although the other person may not like or agree with what you say they have to respect you for discussing it.


Respecting each other is vital, the worst thing a person can feel is disrespected. “NEVER” make your partner feel like what they do is never good enough or what they have to say is never right. Don’t yell, the same information you are trying to convey in an elevated manner “Will Not” be taken the same if you are calmer. A person tends to block out what you actually have to say if they feel as if they are being attacked, compromising issues can help a lot in the respect department.


When I say avoidance, I’m not speaking about evading any topics or concerns that maybe detrimental to an individual or the relationship itself. When it comes to public confrontations those should not happen at any cost. All it does is cause confusion, anger and resentment. Don’t always spread your dirty laundry to friends or family, you open the door wide open for judgement and criticism.

Make Time for Each Other:

I know people work different shifts and schedules and may not have the time to spend and share with their significant other like having dinner or taking a stroll in the park. I’m telling you “Make Time”. Even if it’s just meeting up for lunch and talking about how the day has gone thus far, it will make all the difference in how that other persons day will proceed. Go to a park and take a nice walk, enjoy the scenery and each other’s company. Parks are great conversational areas, so take full advantage of the time spent. Even a nice at home date night is a romantic and relaxing way, to conversate, watch movies and just welcome the luxury of your time together.

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