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  • Always have the time to communicate with each other. Successful relationships are hugely determined by communication. No matter how busy you or your significant other is, have the time to spend each other talking on the phone, sending messages on Yahoo and Skype or going out on a date. Feel free to express how you feel to your partner. The most important thing to consider here is that you and your partner must understand each other’s feelings as well as mistakes. An effective communication will lead you to a long-lasting commitment with your partner.
  • Show affection for each other. Gone are the days of sleeping in separate rooms and avoiding physical contact in public places. Make your partner feel the desire of wanting you more by showing your affection. You can do this by going on a spontaneous but romantic date such as watching movies and eating at fast food chains.
  • Have a remembrance of all your dates. You can do this effectively by taking pictures of each other while eating pasta, having coffee in a rainy day or holding each other’s hands while walking in the park. Having a remembrance of all the dates will serve as significant highlights in establishing a long-lasting commitment.
  • Be a little bit choosy when it comes to dealing with arguments at times. Turn the negative feelings of each other into something positive.
  • Compromise each other during holidays or other important occasions. You can do this effectively by giving each other gifts whenever there’s a certain occasion in your lives. For example, if your partner got promoted to a higher position in a company, give him or her small but precious gifts such as bag for storage of laptop and office documents or a box of Truffles.
  • Introduce your partner to your family and friends.
  • Make sure that you are also good friends with your partner’s family and colleagues as well. Many Long-lasting relationships last because men and women are convincing their partners to be close with the people that give life and meaning to their individuality.

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