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Every married couples like to keep their marriages and try as much as possible to avoid the stigma of divorce. Statistics have shown that the rate of divorce is increasing due to wranglings, cheating, quarreling and other vices in marriages thereby causing serious problems in the society. Failing to take care of marriages have resulted in broken marriages, having child out of wedlock, single parents, untrained children, drug addicts and increase in social vices in the society. Any society that fails to promote marriages and pay lip service to marriage issues is deemed to face its consequences. The tips enumerated below are important but not exhaustive in keeping your marriages. They may be of assistance for those having problems with their marriages or those interested in improving their relationships.

Tip 1

Be honest. Honesty is the key to successful marriages. Every couple wants her partner to be honest and truthful in their dealings and relationship. A marriage devoid of these factors may actually be heading for the rock. Although, there are situations where husband or the wife may lie innocently but it should be remembered that another lie is needed to cover the first one. Why not save yourself the agony of thinking about covering lies and say it as it is (point blank). Both parties will understand better by telling the truth and make amends rather than covering up. Been honest is worthwhile and helps your relationship for the better.

Tip 2

Avoid third party interference as much as possible. Interference in marriages by third party is one of the major causes of divorce. This may be from friends, relations or neighbors. While seeking advice from close associates in certain issues may be advantageous, the same may not be true in marriages. Instead, if there are issues to be resolved between the couples, it is advisable that they put head together and solve it amicably. It is only in extreme cases where the marriage is in jeopardy and may lead to divorce that an interference may be allowed.

Tip 3

Each partner should play their roles. Marriage tradition stipulates the role for the husband as well as the wife with more responsibilities leaning on the former. Both the husband and the wife must play their expected roles if the marriage is to succeed. In some culture, the husband is saddled with providing the basic necessity of life; food, clothing and shelter while in other cultures these responsibilities are shared. No matter the case, each partner should know where its roles starts and stops. Any of them that fails to perform his/her roles is to be blamed for any problems arising from the marriage thereafter.

Tip 4

Never indulge in battery. No matter the level of provocation, the husband should not raise his hand to beat his wife. Beating one’s wife diminishes love and the experience will linger in the couple’s mind for a long time. While some women may be troublesome, beating them should not be an option, talk to them reasonably after tension might have subsided and you will be surprised at the outcome. Saying ‘I am sorry’ after a quarrel solves a lot of problems and assist in keeping the marriage.

Tip 5

Pray for guidance. No matter your religious inclination, offering prayers in homes for guidance could assist in keeping your marriage. Praying should be a matter of routine and not conducted only when there is problem. The major religions in the world abhor divorce except on special conditions. Praying to God for successful marriage may however not be out of place.

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