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Every married couples like to keep their marriages and try as much as possible to avoid the stigma of divorce. Statistics have shown that the rate of divorce is increasing due to wranglings, cheating, quarreling and other vices in marriages thereby causing serious problems in the society. Failing to take care of marriages have resulted in broken marriages, having child out of wedlock, single parents, untrained children, drug addicts and increase in social vices in the society. Any society that fails to promote marriages and pay lip service to marriage issues is deemed to face its consequences. The tips enumerated below are important but not exhaustive in keeping your marriages. They may be of assistance for those having problems with their marriages or those interested in improving their relationships.

Tip 1

Be honest. Honesty is the key to successful marriages. Every couple wants her partner to be honest and truthful in their dealings and relationship. A marriage devoid of these factors may actually be heading for the rock. Although, there are situations where husband or the wife may lie innocently but it should be remembered that another lie is needed to cover the first one. Why not save yourself the agony of thinking about covering lies and say it as it is (point blank). Both parties will understand better by telling the truth and make amends rather than covering up. Been honest is worthwhile and helps your relationship for the better.

Tip 2

Avoid third party interference as much as possible. Interference in marriages by third party is one of the major causes of divorce. This may be from friends, relations or neighbors. While seeking advice from close associates in certain issues may be advantageous, the same may not be true in marriages. Instead, if there are issues to be resolved between the couples, it is advisable that they put head together and solve it amicably. It is only in extreme cases where the marriage is in jeopardy and may lead to divorce that an interference may be allowed.

Tip 3

Each partner should play their roles. Marriage tradition stipulates the role for the husband as well as the wife with more responsibilities leaning on the former. Both the husband and the wife must play their expected roles if the marriage is to succeed. In some culture, the husband is saddled with providing the basic necessity of life; food, clothing and shelter while in other cultures these responsibilities are shared. No matter the case, each partner should know where its roles starts and stops. Any of them that fails to perform his/her roles is to be blamed for any problems arising from the marriage thereafter.

Tip 4

Never indulge in battery. No matter the level of provocation, the husband should not raise his hand to beat his wife. Beating one’s wife diminishes love and the experience will linger in the couple’s mind for a long time. While some women may be troublesome, beating them should not be an option, talk to them reasonably after tension might have subsided and you will be surprised at the outcome. Saying ‘I am sorry’ after a quarrel solves a lot of problems and assist in keeping the marriage.

Tip 5

Pray for guidance. No matter your religious inclination, offering prayers in homes for guidance could assist in keeping your marriage. Praying should be a matter of routine and not conducted only when there is problem. The major religions in the world abhor divorce except on special conditions. Praying to God for successful marriage may however not be out of place.

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  • Always have the time to communicate with each other. Successful relationships are hugely determined by communication. No matter how busy you or your significant other is, have the time to spend each other talking on the phone, sending messages on Yahoo and Skype or going out on a date. Feel free to express how you feel to your partner. The most important thing to consider here is that you and your partner must understand each other’s feelings as well as mistakes. An effective communication will lead you to a long-lasting commitment with your partner.
  • Show affection for each other. Gone are the days of sleeping in separate rooms and avoiding physical contact in public places. Make your partner feel the desire of wanting you more by showing your affection. You can do this by going on a spontaneous but romantic date such as watching movies and eating at fast food chains.
  • Have a remembrance of all your dates. You can do this effectively by taking pictures of each other while eating pasta, having coffee in a rainy day or holding each other’s hands while walking in the park. Having a remembrance of all the dates will serve as significant highlights in establishing a long-lasting commitment.
  • Be a little bit choosy when it comes to dealing with arguments at times. Turn the negative feelings of each other into something positive.
  • Compromise each other during holidays or other important occasions. You can do this effectively by giving each other gifts whenever there’s a certain occasion in your lives. For example, if your partner got promoted to a higher position in a company, give him or her small but precious gifts such as bag for storage of laptop and office documents or a box of Truffles.
  • Introduce your partner to your family and friends.
  • Make sure that you are also good friends with your partner’s family and colleagues as well. Many Long-lasting relationships last because men and women are convincing their partners to be close with the people that give life and meaning to their individuality.
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Millionaires belong to the elite section of society and often remain very isolated from the rest of the crowd. This makes it very difficult for others to connect with them. Moreover, thanks to the kind of lifestyle they lead, approaching them in the real world is almost impossible. Specialist millionaire dating sites came into existence to solve this critical problem. With millionaire singles looking to connect with ordinary people, a millionaire dating site can certainly fill the void between these sections of society.

Tips on dating a millionaire

It goes without saying that millionaires have taken to online dating as it saves a lot of time and effort. According to various surveys, over 70 percent of millionaire singles prefer dating a person who doesn’t run a company. All they look for in a companion is genuineness and the flexibility to spend quality time with family. Here is how you can date a millionaire:

• Know what different you can offer: Millionaires often look for qualities that stand out from the rest. Therefore, it is essential that you make yourself different from others, which is possible only when you have an excellent profile. Remember, your online profile has the potential of boosting or ruining your prospects of finding a companion online. According to dating experts, wealthy singles look for precise details on the profile and ignore profiles that have generic information. If you feel there is something that makes you different from others, do mention it.

• Initiating a conversation: The right way of starting a conversation online is not a simple ‘hi’. In fact, this is the worst conversational starter you could use online. Imagine a inbox full of emails / messages with the same subject. Understand that a majority of users on millionaire dating sites would use this default subject. In order to stand out from the crowd, try using something different that grabs his attention. Millionaires love uniqueness and if you manage to grab his attention you stand a very good chance of being his partner.

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An older man dating a younger woman has always been a cliché. The way that the media has stereotyped this kind of relationship has caused it to become much more acceptable. In fact, it has now become a trend. We see younger women with powerful men in politics, in Hollywood, and even in the lives of ordinary men.

Although older men used to be perceived as “sugar daddies” or “perverts,” many women still want to date them and are even hoping to tie the knot with one someday. Older men, on the other hand, may prefer to date younger women because of the feeling of pride. They become more accomplished having a beautiful and young woman around them. To some extent, however, these reasons can be superficial, but believe it or not, you can certainly find love flourishing within this kind of relationship.

Reasons Why An Older Man Want To Date A Younger Woman And Vice Versa

Older men are just like any other men who may also feel insecure and unwanted. Because of this, they believe that if they can hook up with a hot young chick, then they will feel less unattractive. Their ego and sexual drive boost up and the feeling of being young once again flourishes.

Studies show that most men ages 40 and above would prefer to date younger women with a 15- to 20-year age gap to theirs. When asked why, they say that their past relationships may have been too uptight. Younger women are more adventurous, fun, caring, loving, and submissive. Some of these older men have undergone stressful relationships with their ex-girlfriends or ex-wife and are now more hopeful about finding a relationship that is more positive and peaceful.

Furthermore, older men find younger women more inexperienced with life. This gives them a feeling of power over them. Being the man who can make the decisions for the two of them can give them a big sense of superiority and satisfaction.

Young women, on the contrary, see more valuable reasons for dating an older man. One reason is due to security. They find older men are more financially stable. They may have businesses of their own, have better social stature in life, and are more responsible and mature with decision-making. Young women who may have previously dated men within their age group may not be able to help but compare all these aspects.

Young women also find less competition with older men. More so, older men may be less inclined to cheat when they date a younger woman. Young women may chase after sports jocks and young bachelors, but because both parties are more immature or inexperienced, differences and conflicts may often arise. Relationships with older men can bring more emotional stability.

Problems That May Arise And How To Solve Them

Problems are inevitable with any relationship, even with older man to a younger woman. However, most problems come with solutions, many of them being simple to follow.

The first problem to consider is the relationship’s emotional status. One mistake older men face is the notion that younger women are more emotionally stable; that they have fewer hang ups in life, less experience with heart breaks, and fewer unstable hormones. However, believe it or not, emotional stability is not more prevalent in any one age group. More so, younger women tend to be more clingy and insecure, so unless their older partner is already experienced dealing with these kinds of dilemmas, a relationship of this sort may not work.

Another is that younger women tend to have higher standards. Yes, they may go after men who have fatter wallets, but there may be more to it. They also like men who look good to be with, who may be more trendy with the latest fashions and high-tech gadgets. Older men may prefer more classic fashions, which can be a big issue. So, if you are really into younger women, it would best to look into their standards and expectations before jumping into any relationship.

Furthermore, most young women may still want to experience all the best in their lives. They may be into night clubbing, adventurous sports or activities, or going to many social parties. Their older partners may not be able to accompany them with any of these because of a different energy level or for various health reasons. It is advisable for older men to be extra understanding, unless you want to play “dad” all the time.

This relationship also faces the scrutiny of others. Common and more acceptable as it may be, there may still be close friends or family members that will oppose of the relationship. If the relationship isn’t serious, it may be advisable not to involve her in family gatherings or become too close with her closest friends. But, if you believe this may be for keeps, then do everything to please and understand everyone that surrounds her.

Of course, the most obvious reason why this kind of relationship may fail is if the women go for older men with the wrong reasons. If the man is not fully aware of this and is always hoping for the best, then it may be too late for them to actually have a happy ending. Likewise, they must go for the relationship with the right reasons. If they are only in it for the sex, stature, and power, then there will be no lasting love for them in this situation.

Tips For Dating A Younger Woman

For men who want to successfully date a young woman, these are simple tips to follow. The first is to remove their stereotype mindset. You need to dispel the mindset that an older man dating a younger woman is deviant. During your dating stage don’t initiate intimacy right away. You want to come across respectful and loving, not creepy. A relationship compatibility reading may provide great insight on the best way to proceed with your relationship.

Another thing you will want to do is stay humble. Though you may have acquired a lot of achievements or have reached a high stature in life, stay grounded. You don’t want your woman to be afraid of or intimidated by you. Instead, be more fun, accommodating, and interestingly irresistible with other aspects. This way, they can be more comfortable and relaxed when you are around. A personal astrology reading might help you better understand yourself.

Lastly, don’t push things too soon. Even if you like her very much and may feel that you are ready for wedding bells, give her the chance to live her life and enjoy it to their fullest. Also, allow for enough time to really get to know each other. Know her inner thoughts and feelings. Older men may be more experienced in knowing what they want in a relationship and what is best for themselves because of past mistakes.
A younger woman may need a little more time to discover what is best for them. If you are really serious, be ready to put in the time and effort getting knowing her family and friends. Then, and only then, can you decide if this is a relationship that can proceed towards marriage.